Cream Yogurt

Have you ever bought one of those wonderful brands of yogurt that have the layer of thick “cream-on-the-top,” and wished that the layer of cream was a little bit thicker… or a lot thicker?

One day, I was looking at a quart container of heavy cream sitting in my fridge that had been open for about a week and thinking I’d better do something with the pint or so that was left. Before the cream turned and its potential uses became more limited.

I just so happened to have a little smidge of greek yogurt left at the time. So I scraped the last bit of yogurt out of the container, and made yogurt with the heavy cream. Wow! A whole pint jar of “cream-on-the-top” kind of cream!

It doesn’t have that exact texture… but closer than I ever thought possible. It made me way beyond happy to sit down immediately after it was done and savor a few dollops of it in a pretty little dish with a baby spoon– with some pure maple syrup and a frozen strawberry. Of course it was even better after I let it get cold! Read more